Asgardian Way!

by Florid, 18 days ago

With all of our recent success, lets not forget to have fun and remember how far we've come!

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Hardest dragon in Velious?

by Pint_, 26 days ago


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More new feats!

by Pint_, 27 days ago

We're still finding ways to get cool stuff done!

First Dozekar the Cursed kill!

First Lord Koi`Doken!

First Eashen of the Sky!

And our first King Tormax that nobody got a screenshot of ~!

Velious Vox!

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Highlights from last week!

by Pint_, 38 days ago

First time Klandicar kill, gratz Kustt on our first Sleeper's Tomb key!

First time Dagarn the Destroyer kill ~

First time Lady Mirenilla ~

Second consecutive Phara Dar win!


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They said it couldn't be done...

by Florid, 46 days ago

THE AVATAR OF WAR has been slain by !

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by Florid, 48 days ago

Mark it dead! PHARA DAR DOWN!

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Progression Sessions: North Temple of Veeshan!

by Florid, 49 days ago

ZLEXAK and CEKENAR died to a torrent of Asgardian steel!



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