Recent accomplishments

by Pint_, 365 days ago

We don't update too often but don't be mislead into thinking that means we're not tearing it up on the raid scene.  We're consistently scoring ~50% of the high end raid targets each cycle with our ally Forsaken and we're loving it!  This cycle's feats include some new ground as well as a banner week of 20 high end targets inside and outside of ToV including our first Zlandicar win and 4 out of the last 6 Vulak`Aerrs, the pinnacle of Velious raiding!

We fought hard to finally down Zlandicar, our members can attest to the fact that we have wiped to this asshole more than any other single entity in Velious.  The victory was beyond gratifying.

Our first Warder kill happened this week with the downing of Tukaarak in Sleeper's Tomb, a feat that I guarantee nobody on this server could have predicted would ever happen!

Our second Warder came the same day with Nanzata, a pretty underwhelming fight but a cross server record none the less.  We slew both of these dragons with a mere 14 people, don't let anyone else fool you with false "more with less" monikers, we're doing the most with the least around here ; )

Finally I'll leave you with a shot of our guild morale officer and everyone's favorite gnome feeling the shame of how many hours we're sinking in to this game (he loves it!) both sporting their new Vulak spoils from a recent victory.

If you powered through this whole post and all you were thinking the whole time is "where the fuck is Nuktari, bring that guy back because he was awesome and so much better at these!" then you're not alone.  Somebody find p99's second most notorious back-out-bitch and tell him we want him back in the game with us!

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