Recent Victims

by kharizzar, 16 days ago

The dreaded Florenaire falls!

Die, Phariddar, die! Khara Zar demands it from his hiding spot.

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The past week or two in Asgard

by Pint_, 20 days ago

We've had a good stint recently with a Severilous and two Nagafen's on the competitive scene in addition to Gozzrem and Dozekar on the beta server.  Unfortunately our PR guy is out right now and none of these other bums will score me any good screenshots!

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Xmas in July for Asgard!

by kharizzar, 29 days ago


Also downed Innoruuk, the greasy son of a whore.

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Do my eyes deceive me?

by Pint_, 35 days ago

Gratz Kayso and Willfight!

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Naggy goes down

by Wabic, 37 days ago


Congrats to Kluwen (Austinpowerz) on the FTE.

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Quack Staff!

by Nuktari, 42 days ago

Congratulations, Caligular! On your Scythe of the Shadowed Soul!

Asgard 2.0's first Necromancer Epic! This iteration has officially gotten all class epics!

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Congrats Wormed!!

by Wabic, 50 days ago

Wormed Epic

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